Your winter/summer clothes swap sorted | 23.10.2017

Winter is now upon us and we’re all cracking out the winter boots and heavy coats. It’s the perfect time for a clear out. But when you have a wardrobe full of last-season’s clothes, where do you even start? And where can you put it all? Our handy tips below will hopefully help you out!

Keep it cosy

Your jumpers and coats are expected to keep you warm all winter long, so make sure they’re well looked after. Moths and other nasties are just waiting to pounce on your dearly beloved winter coat, so keep them at bay by keeping your clothing clean and using moth repellents. They feast on old food particles and dead skin (lovely!) so even if you’ve worn something once, don’t put it back in your wardrobe. Oh, and they hate dry cleaning fluid, so if there’s ever a time to get something dry cleaned it’s now!

Make sure it’s dry

Nobody likes a wet wardrobe, so make sure you store your clothes somewhere nice and dry. Especially in winter, when heavy rain will make a leaky garage roof so much worse. If you don’t have anywhere suitable, get yourself a self-storage unit to see you through the winter months. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Do you really need it?

Ask yourself if you really need that size-too-small summer tank top from your first holiday in Ibiza in 2012. If the answer is no, then get rid of it. If you’ve not worn something for over six months, what’s the chances of you ever wearing it again? Get rid of anything you’ve never worn, that doesn’t fit and that’s tragically out of style. If it’s really worth keeping, then make sure you keep it safe. If it’s not, get yourself to a car-boot or list it online.

If your clothing is super old, congratulations! You might have a vintage piece! If you’d like to keep it, it really has to be kept safe and secure in order to maintain its value. Again, get yourself a self-storage unit if your home storage doesn’t pass muster. If you’d like to get rid of them, then get yourself a professional valuation.

Having yourself a winter wardrobe clear out needn’t be a difficult task. Just make sure everything you want to keep is put in safe storage that will help them last. Otherwise, come summer you might find yourself with a wardrobe in a rather sorry state!