Summer storage tips to get students sorted | 24.07.2017

Ah summer! School is finally out, the sun is (hopefully) shining and suddenly you find yourself with a shedload of stuff accrued over the course of the school year and you need to up your storage. Over the summer months, hiring out some extra storage can make perfect sense. But knowing where to start when yourself, or a son or daughter have moved out of halls and brought mountains of stuff can seem like an impossible task. Feeling the pain of students and parents nationwide, we’ve stepped in to help, with some advice on how to begin sorting and storing your summer extras.

Sort, sort and sort again

Nobody wants to store stuff that they are never going to use, especially if they are paying to store it somewhere. Before you fork out for an extra-large storage unit, ask yourself whether all of your stuff is really worth keeping, whether it can be replaced and if you’ll use it. Perhaps consider taking a leaf of Japan’s book with the KonMari method. Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in you when you either touch or use it and remember, nostalgia is not your friend. Also consider sorting things by categories, so books, clothing, and photos, instead of room by room.

Get yourself a storage unit

If your (or your parents’) garage is already overflowing, you may have to get a storage unit. Likewise, if your school, college or university is miles from your family home, consider renting a unit to make moving out and moving back into student digs a whole lot easier.

Learn how to pack your unit

Once you have a storage unit, you’ll need to understand how to pack it so you can make the most of the space available to you. Make sure you also check with the storage company over any hazardous or banned items that you cannot keep there. That can include fairly obvious stuff like food and fireworks (both can go off, with different consequences!) to the less obvious, like incense and candles.

If you’re storing clothing, make sure it’s clean. Food stains and body oils not only leave your clothes looking tatty after a few months in storage, but it can also attract moths and other nasties you don’t want living in your storage unit.

Also consider the amount of space you actually need. There’s not point forking out for a large unit when you’ve only got a small amount of belongings. Even better, consider sharing with some friends who also need to store their summer essentials.

Label everything

Once you’re a storage pro, this one goes without saying. However, many novices still come undone and find themselves at the end of summer, facing a sea of nondescript cardboard boxes and wondering what on Earth is in each one. Make sure you’re not that person. Label each and every box with what’s inside and whether it is fragile or not.

Packing up and moving out for summer doesn’t have to be a tedious or impossible task with the right preparation. Likewise, finding the right place to store your items can be easy when you understand what you need, and what you need to do. That said, once your summer is over, you then get to face the unenviable task of moving everything back out of storage and back into your new student home. But that’s a tale for another blog post!