Quirky ways people have used storage units | 13.11.2017

While storage units are primarily built for, well, storage, there are some enterprising souls who have really taken the humble storage unit to the next level. The great thing about storage units is that they aren’t just spacious (obviously) and space-efficient. They are also incredibly strong and can be moved with relative ease. That’s led to a whole host of different uses for them.

Office space

With London’s office space at a premium, there’s been a rise in pop-up style co-working spaces across the city to help out company founders who don’t wish to work from home, but need a dedicated and flexible office space. This includes start-up workspace Containerville, located in trendy Shoreditch (where else?!).

Cinemas and theatres

This seems to be a rather popular trend of late with cinemas and theatres made out of old storage and shipping containers popping up in India, South Korea and Russia. Part of their appeal is that they can be put together really easily, are durable and safe and they can be transported all over the place.

A restaurant

Actually there’s several restaurants made out of repurposed shipping and storage containers, however, the most high-profile of these is probably Sea Containers along London’s Southbank. Some of the more beady-eyed amongst you might notice it’s actually made out of shipping containers. However, shipping and storage containers are usually one and the same. In fact, many old sea containers can be repurposed into storage units. If they can withstand the high-seas and Ol’ Blackbeard, imagine how secure they can keep your valuables?!


Not a day seems to go past without someone mentioning London’s extortionate rents and housing crisis. The solution? Modular homes built out of containers. Or at least, that’s something that architects and London’s Councils have been experimenting with. Next time your neighbours move in, they might be bringing their storage-container-home with them!

Granted, these are all unusual uses for a storage unit, and you’re not likely to see any of them in Hunt’s building anytime soon. However, what we wanted you to get from this isn’t just how creative some people have been in using storage containers. It’s how durable, hard-wearing and secure a container is. If people are willing to socialise, work and live in a unit, then surely it’s good enough to keep your antiques safe and sound? Next time you look at a storage unit, don’t just take in the space it has to offer – appreciate its sturdy walls, weatherproof exterior and versatility.