How to pick the right removals company | 03.07.2017

Moving home or office can sometimes seem like a gargantuan task. Because of this, many people enlist the help of professional removal companies. But no two removals firms are the same, so how can you make sure that the one you’re working with is the right one for you?

To help you out, we’ve got some handy hints on what to look for when choosing your removal company.

Get a range of quotes

First and foremost, before you pick your removal firm, you should know exactly how much it’s likely to cost you. To get an idea of what’s available on the market for your exact removal needs, get a range of quotes from different companies – ideally you’re looking at 4 or 5 to get an accurate estimation.

A reputable removals firm won’t just give you a cost and nothing else. You should expect a full breakdown and explanation for each cost. Everything from the packing required to the distance that needs to be travelled will affect the price. A really good removals company might even help you lower some of those costs, by doing part of the packing yourself, for instance. Also, make sure you get your quote written down, so you can refer back to it if need be.

One further point for those moving to parts afar. It’s worth getting a quote from a company based in the area you’re moving to, as well as the one you’re moving from, to see whether the cost is any cheaper.

Get specialists

Have a look at whether your prospective firms specialise in certain types of move. Moving house is very different from moving a large office, and vice versa. It’s worth getting a removals company that are experts in your specific type of move.

Make sure they have insurance

Removals insurance doesn’t just cover what happens if they break a priceless family heirloom. It’ll also come in handy if your move is delayed for any reason. So make sure any firm you approach has got the correct insurance.

Also, if you have any particularly valuable items, like priceless antiques or a souped-up computer, make sure you check whether the insurance will cover them and under what circumstances (ie: if they need special packing to be covered).

Make sure they have a fixed address

An easy way to check if a company is reputable? Check that they have a fixed business address where you can visit if things go awry. It’s also worth checking them out on Companies House if UK based or a quick Google will bring up anything worth thinking twice about. There are also accreditations that show whether a firm is registered with the British Association of Removers, or similar professional bodies.

Read reviews

It goes without saying in the Age of Trip Advisor, but do check out any prospective removals company online to see what former customers have said about them. Again, a quick Google will bring up anything of concern, or you can ask the company itself for a list of customer testimonials (although take these with a pinch of salt, as they may have been polished with some marketing shine).

Tell them what to expect

A bonus one for when you’ve got yourself a removals firm (or at least a very short shortlist). Make sure your removals company understands what they are removing, where they are removing it from and where it is going. That doesn’t just mean addresses and an itinerary of items. You should include anything that has had to be specially packed (like that family heirloom) and anything difficult to move (like grandma’s grand piano). You should also tell them anything you’re moving yourself and warn them about anything that needs to be dismantled. You should also give them a floorplan of the new property and inform your company about whether there are any stairs, hard-to-reach areas and narrow points in both properties.