How far should you be from your storage unit? | 21.08.2017

Have you ever given thought to how far you should be from your storage unit? Well the Self Storage Association has, with over 70% of people they surveyed stating that they lived within 20 minutes of their self-storage unit. There are many reasons to want to be near your unit, and not all of them are convenience related.

To keep an eye on your valuables

Storage units offer a great compromise between having a tidy house and keeping hold of your great-great-grandmother’s antique Scandinavian cuckoo clock. There are some things that you simply don’t want to get rid of because of sentimental or financial value, but there’s no conceivable way you can keep those items in your house. That said, they still hold value to you, so you need to make sure you’re close enough to your storage unit to check in on them and make sure everything is stick tick-tocking along nicely.

To move stuff in easily

Not everyone hires a storage unit and moves all of their stuff over at once. Whether you’re renovating a house room-by-room or downsizing, there may be times when you have to move your stuff over bit by bit. Having a self-storage unit close by can give you the flexibility you need to access and move over your belongings.

But you don’t have to be!

At the risk of contradicting ourselves, you don’t necessarily have to be right next to your storage unit. All our units are fully secure, meaning they’re under close surveillance 24/7 and kept indoors, so your stuff will stay dry.

Returning to our original question, your optimal distance is relative to whatever your unique needs are. If you know you’re going to need to access your storage unit regularly, then being close makes sense. However, if you’re only going to visit once a year and don’t need to check up on, or maintain, your items, then going further afield may not be such a problem.