Getting your home winter-ready | 30.10.2017

Winter is most certainly coming, and along with it comes longer nights, colder days – oh, and rain. So how do you prepare your home for the winter? We’ve come up with some handy tips to help you out!

Wave goodbye to the sun lounger

Your sun loungers, BBQ, parasols and any other outdoor equipment largely become redundant in winter. Rain and frost can damage any outdoor items so bring them indoors to help them last longer. Not enough space? Consider putting them into storage for the winter!

Store your sunnies

With the colder weather, your flip flops aren’t going to see the light of day for months. Pack these and any other summer clothing and accessories away and bring out the winter gear. Consider investing in some under-bed storage for your summer clothes. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave them in a damp and dusty attic – you want to wear them again next year, right?!

Give the gardening a break

Okay, so if it’s negative degrees out you’re hardly going to be gardening anyway. But not much grows during winter, so take the chance to give yourself a long break from gardening. Let your garden rest and it’ll thank you come springtime.

Crank up the heat

We don’t just mean literally (although you will have to do some heating of some kind if you don’t want to turn into the abominable snowman). Close your curtains, get out a funky Christmas jumper and buy yourself a novelty draught excluder. These items will help your heating stretch further and your gas bill will be grateful.

Give your boiler a health check

It happens every year, in the dead of winter some poor soul’s boiler breaks. Don’t let this be you. Get your boiler checked over as soon as winter sets in to make sure it doesn’t give in at the worst possible time.

At the same time, consider getting your pipes checked. If they don’t already have lagging, consider investing in some. This stops them from freezing and defrosting over and over again that can really damage them. Burst pipes are no fun for anyone.

Make sure you’re toasty this winter by carrying out these essential steps to maintain your home. If you start now, then you’ll be well-prepared come Christmas and the dreaded January and February freeze.