Declutter for Christmas | 20.11.2017

Christmas is a time for giving, and that means that you can end up with a whole load of stuff. To save your home being more stuffed than a turkey this year, take a look at some of our handy hints on decluttering your home before the festive season sets in.

Why declutter?

But first of all, why should you declutter at all? Well, not only can it help you make space for all the brand new things you’ll be given this Christmas, but it can also help you identify what you do and don’t have and what you might have forgotten you owned. There’s nothing like a clear out to discover the 20 pairs of festive socks you’ve got lurking in your wardrobe.

Having a declutter doesn’t have to be kept to just your stuff and household items either. Getting children involved by encouraging them to donate their old clothes and toys to charity can teach them a valuable lesson in how to give as well as receive.

Last of all, having a good tidy-up gives you much less to clean and maintain over the Christmas period and New Year.

How to declutter

Now that we’ve convinced you, let’s look at some ways you can tidy your house this festive season.

Make an advent of it

Much like the traditional Advent calendars, except, instead of getting chocolate and other stuff, you give things away. Take a look around your house every day and give one thing you don’t need to charity. Again, you can get the whole family involved with your children clearing out their toys before Christmas.

Allocate time slots

Most people work best in short bursts, so allocate yourself some 5 to 10-minute timeslots and clear away as much stuff as you can within that timeframe. Then reward yourself with a lovely glass of mulled wine or some other festive tipple afterward!

Try the 12 days of…decluttering

Okay, so we kinda took some creative inspiration from the 12, 12, 12 challenge for this one. In other words, pick 12 items to donate, 12 to throw away and 12 to return to their rightful place in your home. Do this a few times and you’ll find your home begins to look a lot less untidy!

Get some extra storage

Consider getting yourself some extra storage this Christmas season. When push comes to shove, you might benefit from the extra space when your in-laws, parents and extended family all come to visit. It can be hard fitting that many people into a home, so free up space by putting some non-essential items into storage until the Christmas crowd has left your home. Summer items like a BBQ, for instance, can be kept safely in a storage unit over the holiday.

Decluttering before Christmas frees up valuable space that’s often at a premium. It pays to be prepared and to do this throughout December so that when the big day arrives, you’ve got plenty of space for presents and all the festivities.