Creative ways to store your stuff | 07.08.2017

Storage. Most of us can’t ever have enough. But have you ever looked around your home and considered all the spaces that you’re underutilising for storage? Many areas around your home, from your cupboard doors to your wall space hold some huge storage potential for your things. So try out some of the storage hacks below and turn your home into a storage dream. Oh, and if you still cannot find enough space for Grandma’s tea-set collection, your childhood memories or your summer wardrobe, then it’s time to consider a storage unit.

Look up for inspiration

Many of us, author included, are guilty of never really looking above the level of their own height. Think about, how long has it been since you really looked up and considered all that empty space in your home, above your heads? Places like the space above your cupboards or above a doorframe can be a great place to put some extra shelving. You can put anything from books, to pot plants or your old DVD collection above your head, to help free up floor space and declutter your living area. Just make sure that whatever you put up there isn’t going to be used that often, you don’t want to be constantly climbing up ladders to reach your items.

A wall of opportunity

Likewise, wall space offers a vast area that can be used for vertical storage. Apart from shelving, you can mount anything from bike racks to bookshelves onto your walls to keep your floor space decluttered. Why not get creative? Desks can be wall mounted on hinges and pulled down only when needed (there’s a bunch of tutorials to do this online) or why not raise a glass to a wall mounted wine cellar?

Furnish your furniture with storage

You think your sofa is just for sitting on and your bed for sleeping in? Think again. There’s tons of space under your bed that may not be being used, and the same goes for under your sofa. You can also move your sofa so it doesn’t sit completely flush against your wall, then stack boxes behind it to store more items. If your bed isn’t high enough to fit stuff underneath consider getting bed risers. There’s even some online that come with built in plugs so you can store your stuff and charge your phone!

As for your desk and cupboard space, hang hooks underneath each for storage for headphones, cables, or in the kitchen, you can hang utensils and mugs. There’s also plenty of hanging cupboard gadgets available that you can use to store odds and ends off your cupboard doors.

Magnets for the win

Magnets don’t just have to be relegated to the kitchen fridge (although those can prove great for storing essential household paperwork like bills, to do lists, or letters about stuff happening in your area). Consider using magnetics strips to free up space on your work surfaces. You can stick them in the kitchen for your knives (just make sure they’re out of reach of little hands) or create a spice rack out of them. You can also put them in your bedroom or bathroom to store metal tools like tweezers, manicure tools and hairclips.