Alternatives to Uber in London | 02.10.2017

Londoners received some shocking news a few weeks ago. Uber might be no more in this great city. The news sent shockwaves through the app-loving Londoners of the city. As a London-based business, we feel your pain, so to help you out we’ve come up with some Uber-alternatives to alleviate your travel troubles.


This app allows you to book a taxi not only in London but in 50 cities across the world. You can either pay the driver in person or through the app. It’s free to download and has an interface most Uber-users will be used to. A single tap will bring a driver to your door and you can even watch their progress on the real-time map.


Longtime Uber users might remember the little turf war Gett and Uber had back in the day. This app was originally launched as a rival to Uber but since evolved into a huge black cab-hailing app. It offers fixed priced journeys and no minimum journey price. You can pay in cash or through the app. Oh and it offers a tip option too.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee pitches itself as a more premium service than other black cab firms. It has fixed fare pricing through its app and you can choose from a range of different vehicles. It does come with a minimum fare of £7.50 but there’s no surge pricing.


This little-known French founded company has been around for a decade. It’s an app that hooks users up with others looking to go to the same destination. In other words, it’s a carpooling service. Which could be handy if you’re looking to get somewhere cheap and you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with a fellow passenger. In fact, if you can find a driver going in your direction who doesn’t care about the petrol costs, well, your journey might very well be free. You can’t get cheaper than that.

Hire a car

If you’ve got a driving license and a long journey ahead of you, sometimes it’s worth just hiring yourself a vehicle. There are many different car hire companies all over London. Alternatively, if you’re in need of some extra storage capacity, why not go the whole hog and hire yourself a van?

Whatever you choose as your mode of transport in the post-Uber era, fear not Londoners. Come Uber’s D-Day, if things don’t go their way then there are companies there to fill the Uber-sized hole in your lives. Yes, we will miss it, but there is life after Uber.